302 Acres Land for sale in Westmoreland Jamaica!

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Beachfront Property Slated for  Businesses Opportunities for Green Energy Development of a Township featuring
Private Homes, Time Share Health & Wellness Resorts

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Welcome to Jamaica!

Future site of a multifaceted development enterprise.
We have total of 302 acres lined by 3/4 miles of beachfront property, located on the southwest coast near Negril at St. Johns Point Old Hope, Westmoreland in Jamaica. 

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Beachfront Property Slated for  Businesses Opportunities for Green Energy Development

The Creation of a Clean&Green Self Sustaining Community for Wholistic Living, Health and Wellness

Vision The preparation & development of the 302 Acre property to accommodate residential homes, businesses projects alike, with an infrastructure based on Green Energy Technology (GET) that would provide a perpetual source of clean energy and water, which will also provide while lowering the long term energy costs. 

It's time to begin the process of gathering interested investors & institutions with both a vested interest and expertise in the development and implementation of the latest Green Energy Technologies for harnessing clean renewable energy, be it in the form of one or more of the following:

Earth (Geo-thermal),
Wind (Turbine),
Solar(Panels, Windows)
Oceanic Water (Energy + Desalinization)

Goal: To do so, We are looking for qualified partners than need land as a resource that are interested in the implementation of these technologies on either a large or smaller scale depending on the readiness of the technologies for rapid (1-3 year) implementation.

This is Our Mission...

Click below to access our Blog where there are Video links to documentaries on with current insights and updates of renewable energy solutions and their current state of technological feasibility.

Building Our Team...

Looking for Skilled Architects; Commercial & Residential Developers; Financial Investors; Commercial & Residential Real Estate Brokers, Lawyers 

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