Ernest Peters

One of the founding consultants of our group was born and raised in Belize Central America. Peters has lived in North America since the late sixties, he has received training and experience from numerous companies operating a successful business. He has founded and incorporated four small micro businesses, two of them related to mortgage financing and investments; worked at various financial networking companies that dealt in asset management and securities portfolios. Along with the financial segment of his career, he has specialized training and experience in holistic/alternative medicine in an extensive range of natural healing and physical fitness.

Property Owner & One of the Founding Consultants

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Natural Organic Farm Gardens

The 3 Third micro Project on the 20 acres Subdivision involves Natural Organic Farm Gardens spread across the subdivision.

The Sarawee Village Location with the subdivision extension is Prime Land for Real Estate development and the possibility of a micro-industry i.e. Fruit Juicing, Organic Fruit and Vegetable (Light Micro Manufacturing). At the same time creating Jobs to the village community and surrounding communities. 

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