Sarawee Village Subdivision Project.

Aerial view of the 20 Acres Sarawee Village Subdivision.

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Sarawee Village  Project Plan.

20 Acres Subdivision comprising a total of 65 Lots is located 41/2 miles out of Dangriga Town as an extension of Sarawee Village,

Sarawee Village Subdivision Project.

Here is a listing of the various Items needed to be detailed in a final draft before written up in a detail M.O.U.:

1. We will seek an Investor(s) That will be interested in a General Partnership via Limited Units.
2. The purpose of the Seed Capital Investment is to implement 1 of 3 micro projects; or be involved with all 3 projects simultaneously.
3. Given that the 20 Acres Subdivision comprising a total of 65 Lots ( 2 are designated as park space) is located 4 1/2 miles out of Dangriga Town as an extension of Sarawee Village.The Subdivision Infrastructure creates a high demand for an Investor(s) who are seeking a natural organic environment.
4. The micro Projects will involve:

● middle Income Housing Development; small family size houses with 2-3 bedrooms mainly bungalow flats either frame or brick structures.

● The other 2 proposed projects can be Solar Energy combined with Grid Electricity ( BEL ) At present only about 25 % of the 20 Acres Subdivision has access to Grid Electricity ( BEL ); which makes this Block of Land with 63 Titled Lots prime for a middle income housing development.

● Keep in mind approximately 39 lots of the Subdivision have already been sold. So far most of the Lot owners have not done any housing or use of the lots; meaning the land is unoccupied except for 7 families that have built houses and developed micro farm gardens on their Titled Lots.

● This brings us to the 3 Third micro Project on the 20 acres Subdivision; which can involve Natural Organic Micro Farm Gardens spread across the subdivision.

● With the contents above mentioned the whole Infrastructure of the 20 Acres Subdivision will go up much higher in Real Estate Value; bring more demand to the Sarawee Village and the 20 Acres Subdivision.Extension.

● So as we can see how important it will be to put a General Partnership Package deal together that can be a lucrative successful model in Sarawee Village; that can impact on the demand for scarce housing in the Dangriga Town vicinity. The Sarawee Village Location with the subdivision extension is Prime Land for Real Estate development and the possibility of a micro-industry i.e. Fruit Juicing, Organic Fruit and Vegetable ( Light Micro Manufacturing ). At the same time creating Jobs to the village community and surrounding communities. We will explore our private foreign and domestic connections to a final Draft Memorandum, leading to a complete Business Plan.  

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Natural Organic Farm Gardens

The 3 Third micro Project on the 20 acres Subdivision involves Natural Organic Farm Gardens spread across the subdivision.

The Sarawee Village Location with the subdivision extension is Prime Land for Real Estate development and the possibility of a micro-industry i.e. Fruit Juicing, Organic Fruit and Vegetable (Light Micro Manufacturing). At the same time creating Jobs to the village community and surrounding communities. 

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A Holistic Healing Center

Belize Resort Universalbz

The importance of developing and manifesting a Belize Resort project will be a place where people can come and regenerate their energies by having a good time enjoying themselves.

There will be various venues on site at the center offering a nature healing sanctuary, focused on meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi Gymnastics, and Healing music. In addition there will be an alternative medicine educational unit, and a high finance networking consultation division that completes the facility.

We envision a professional team of consultants coming together for the formation of a general partnership limited liability company, or a Nevada Trust Corporation. The team will then travel to Belize to commence a feasibility study and research on acquisition of land; or purchase of an existing resort. The research will connect with project development agencies in Belize, for architectural renderings, accounting and law firms to do documentation processes, asset Management Company, and Belize economic and tourist ministries, for project requirements portfolios, etc.

Our team will also seek Belize economic citizenship and fulfill the requirements for the QRP (Qualified Retirement Program) during our visit in Belize. Our team has also agreed upon the possibility of structuring an IBC Trust Offshore Belize Corporation. We are planning to visit Belize in April 2022, and the possibility of implementation of the resort by September 21, 2022.

For now let us look at the conceptual picture of an all inclusive Belize Resort that will house, feed, secure, provide on-site entertainment, out-sourcing certain kinds of services to other tourist related facilities, with a tourist guide on site.

The development of twenty-nine cabanas with a mixture of room occupancies; will make the site attractive to our target market. There will be a convention center building equipped for theater and stage production, a natural horticulture garden sanctuary for beauty, and a botanical garden for medicinal purposes. A variety of fruit orchards, organic production of vegetables and ground produce. The Center will feature a multimedia/computer telecommunications building for educational production materials in the categories of Holistic Medicines. There will be a meditation area; that connects to a massage parlor, and room areas for yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Gymnasium; with an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. The building is complete with a tourist/guest gift shop; that will carry a selection of high quality herbal medicines from various parts of the world including Belize.

There will be an entrepreneur financial wealth consciousness division, a musical production and development laboratory, with a lecture circuit training program, geared specifically to health and wealth development for clients who need and want to be on a fast track to their progress and success in the development of their wellbeing. Our professional team will know that we have achieved our goals; when our clients speaks of great satisfaction with their progress and success they have received through the experience at Belize Holistic Center, by word of mouth referrals, testimonials of how they gained of being responsible for their health and financial progress; while having a jolly good time tells all. This level of success will bring joy and a real sense of accomplishment to our team; where people can come to Belize Resort that is unique in its offerings, producing the mechanisms to literally transform the clients to accomplish their goals, increase their joy, improve their health and establish their financial well being. We will be satisfied at having made a Real contribution in the lives of thousands as we bring our state of the art services to this center. The quality of the atmosphere and services will impact our energies; we intend it to be a beautiful day-to-day experience of fulfillment and added peacefulness to our spirit and all the clients and people we come in contact with.

We look forward to a joyous and spiritual journey for both guest and host at Belize Holistic Resort.

The beautiful country of Belize is located south of the Mexican/Yucatan Border in Central America with the largest Barrier Reef in the western hemisphere on the planet; it’s made up of beautiful coral cayes in the Caribbean Sea extending out as the atolls. The Cayes line the eastern border of Belize mainland north to south 175-200 miles. Belize land mass covers approximately 8840 square miles; with a population of a little more than 415,000 people; with six districts.

The people of Belize are friendly and speak English as their first language; Spanish is widely spoken throughout the country. The country is well known for its biodiversity and vast land area of natural reserve habitats. Belize is dotted all over with ancient Maya archeological sites that give evidence of a powerful Mayan presence that once existed in Belize. Belize is at 17.19 degrees latitude and 88.21 degrees longitude in the tropics and in the northern hemisphere. The country produces about five main industries of which Tourism is growing at a constant pace. There are many other interesting things about; Belize which makes it very unique for us to seek implementation of various investment projects in this particular country.

We look forward to bringing economic financial development to the Belizean people and government of Belize. We are aware that “Belize is the best kept secret.” Jupiter E & L International Group Inc. Team can start implementation of the above draft project by having its subsidiary Belize Local company: Jupiter Universalbz Investment Group Ltd. To research the most feasible acquisition of an existing resort; that may be owned by Belizeans who are in need of an optional form of a General Partnership. The nature of these types of deals can be very successful and prove financially profitable.

In continuation with the Items we have spoken into the Agenda Objectives to bring into Manifestation here is a rough Listing: We jointly hammer out Draft Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU)

Vetting of all team members and institutions must be done for all projects. This includes Belize Holistic Retreat Complex Acquisition of existing Ecotourism Resort Lucrative purchase of Time Sharing Eco-Housing real estate unit on Existing Eco-Village in the southern Stann Creek District. Put together an architectural floor plan for an Eco-Village on the 20 acres Subdivision Extention in Sarawee Village. (See prototype in Attachments i.e. Belize B.H.R. UniversalBz and Serenity Retreats Belize). Create an International Business Company ( I.B.C.) Infrastructure; See concept proposal in narrative “ Jupiter E & L International'' We seek registered agents, licenses and permits (will explain). 

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Ernest Peters

One of the founding consultants of our group was born and raised in Belize Central America. Peters has lived in North America since the late sixties, he has received training and experience from numerous companies operating a successful business. He has founded and incorporated four small micro businesses, two of them related to mortgage financing and investments; worked at various financial networking companies that dealt in asset management and securities portfolios. Along with the financial segment of his career, he has specialized training and experience in holistic/alternative medicine in an extensive range of natural healing and physical fitness.

Property Owner & One of the Founding Consultants

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